What we offer our clients is a wide range of services that include assessment of business project efficiency, managerial analysis of performance indicators, development of strategic plans, procedures, innovations, advising on agriculture, effective animal growing and feeding issues, feasibility studies for new projects, etc.

We are offering our assistance in company restructuring, balancing of strengths and weaknesses, economic expediency studies, market research and so forth.
Our company is interested in aiding large suppliers to enter the market of Ukraine and for that purposes we can provide the consulting services in product promotion and marketing (amino acids and feed additives) produced in the EU and China in the Ukrainian market.

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Finance management
  • Management
  • Project Development
  • Marketing
  • Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies

The only right approach to start a new business is to check first whether it is feasible or not. There is no any difference if it comes to a product or service. A feasibility study will provide you with the discipline and insight to reassure yourself that your idea is worth pursuing. Furthermore, if you need to finance this new business, and lending institutions and investors, will typically require a feasibility study. The feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success. We have prepared feasibility studies for many business start-ups, as well as, established companies seeking to improve their operations.

Feasibility studies contain standard components. Each study differs in its embodiment. It depends on the whole range of factors, such as the industry being studied, critical indicators for a particular project, methods chosen to conduct the study – whether primary or secondary research -, and budgets. Most studies have multiple potential applications, e.g. validation of your assumptions, reassuring investors and lenders that the planned venture is economically viable, etc. so such studies must be designed to serve the whole spectrum of needs.

There are usually three components to the feasibility study, depending on the type of your business.

  • Market Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Financial Analysis

The market analysis should be held first, since it is critical to the success of the business to understand the environment where you will operate. There should be adequate demand for your product or service. If not, your business idea may not be feasible and there is no need to go any further. Market analysis results in compiling information about the market potential. Its basic components include:

  • Estimated market size
  • Projected market share
  • Competitor analysis.

Finance management

Every decision you make as an agricultural business owner or farm manager has a financial impact. We can help you take difficult decisions or better manage everyday business operations.

Our company work with clients to align their finance organizations with the strategies and needs of their businesses to realize and sustain value over the long term.

Avant Group’s financial management professionals help support the growing agenda and increased responsibilities of CFO by integrating innovative approaches and deep expertise to deliver real results. Aimed at helping to maximize the finance function’s performance and increase its value to the business, our teams provide a range of services to help organizations to become leaders in finance.

Our services include:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Mapping of existing systems and processes; identification of gaps
  • Mapping and testing of data
  • Creation of pro forma financial statements
  • Identification of best practices, their implementation and training
  • Rationalize footnote disclosures
  • Management and regulatory reporting compilation
  • Provision of interim finance & accounting management or senior staff
  • Assessment of efficiency of information flow and communication, funds management, cash flow management, budgeting, identifications of gap, assistance in compiling of cash flow statements, analysis of cash flow statements, setting of payment calendars and payment schedules

Management Consulting

We also provide our customers with such services as:
  • General management;
  • Business administration;
  • Advising on organization and management;
  • Planning of working premises and their equipment;
  • Procedural development of projects, flow charts of business processes;
  • Building a workflow in the company;
  • Introduction of innovations in the existing procedures of projects.

Personnel management:

  • Internal communications (business processes);
  • Labor agreements and employment, recruitment of top managers;
  • Advanced training of employees;

Advice on the motivation of employees:

  • Participation
  • Size of remunerations
  • Performance metrics / goal setting
  • Pool funding decisions
  • Payout curves and leverages
  • Allocation process
  • Cost modeling

Project Development Consultancies

Consulting in the agricultural sector:
  • Business planning construction of plants (elevators, premixes, feed, meat processing, plant oil extraction plants etc.)
  • Agriculture related advice (land reclamation, pest control and fertilization, etc.);
  • Consultation on poultry.
  • Administrative review of projects, analysis of investment attractiveness of industries;
  • Advice on developing projects and attracting strategic partners;
  • Development of investment strategies, project concepts;
  • Development of business plans, technical project tasks, etc.


Marketing services to attract or retain customers, advice on planning, setting prices, sales volumes.
  • Market comparisons and benchmarking
  • Pay positioning
  • Pay mix issues: fixed/variable and cash/equity
  • Performance metrics
  • Payout curves and leverages
  • Competitive pay levels
  • Pay and performance ratio
  • Best advisory models